Cognitive Function Multivitamin

Hocus Focus

An innovative blend of vitamins and minerals scientifically developed to enhance concentration, stimulate mental focus and reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue for when you need it the most.

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Hocus Focus Product Overview

Product Overview

Suffer from a short attention span? Feel like you need a magical spell to snap you into action? Well, now you can! Containing a potent formula of energy boosting B Vitamins, Cocoa, Black Pepper and Grapeseed Extract, Hocus Focus is designed to boost energy metabolism, enhance concentration and improve mental focus. The best part about it is; Hocus Focus is 100% natural and caffeine free - for a healthy energy boost without the crash!

Key Formulation

  • Free from caffeine
  • Vitamin B12 (100ug) - to boost natural energy metabolism. 
  • Zinc (5mg) – to stimulate cognitive function. 
  • Iron (10mg) – to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. 
  • Pantothenic acid (50mg) promotes mental focus and concentration.

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